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The Jordan Museum ... the storyteller of Jordan

The Jordan Museum is located in the dynamic new downtown area of Ras al-‘Ayn. Presenting the history and cultural heritage of Jordan in a series of beautifully designed galleries, The Jordan Museum serves as a comprehensive national centre for learning and knowledge that reflects Jordan’s history and culture, and presents in an engaging yet educational way the Kingdom’s historic, antique and heritage property as part of the ongoing story of Jordan’s past, present, and future.

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    Under the patronage of HRH princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, and for celebrating 200 years of Petra...


Inside The Jordan Museum
19, Jan 2012
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قامت سفارة الجمهورية البوليفارية الفنزويلية و بالتعاون مع متحف الاردن، بافتتاح معرض " بين...
Under the Patronage of H.H.  Sharifa Nofa bint Nasser, Director of The Jordan Museum...

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Dr. Ali Mahafzah's Interview
15, Apr 2011